Friday, November 16, 2012

3rd Annual Pacific Rim Jazz Festival @ The Hawaii Convention Center (11-3-2012)

Receiving tickets on Halloween for this event was certainly 'A Treat!' This was our 1st PRJF, and will certainly not be our last! We were proud to see and hear our local talent sharing the stage and spotlight with other first class guest artists from the mainland, who filled the the evening with new and old favorites that kept our feet tapping, fingers clicking and heads swaying. There were no bad seats in the house. Even the brave swing danced in the aisles and belted out choruses. In the audience we spotted legendary saxophonist Gabe Baltazar and his wife Rose, Jazz and R&B artist Ginai Hill, American Idol semi-finalist singer Jordan Sagundo, Jazz singer Melinda 'MeiLing' Redira and Drum artists Brad Choi and Peter Factora. The evening even featured a surprise group of ghost busters chasing a ghost in the audience during Ray Parker Jr's song, 'Ghost Busters'. Unsurprisingly, the event went into overtime. Perhaps justification this may become a 2 or 3 day festival in the near future? We like! Proceeds from this festival will benefit the Kapolei Foundation, whom have granted over 500 scholarships to deserving students in the Leeward Community, to include the Michael Paulo Music Scholarship Award. (http://kapoleifoundation.org/) What a great way to nurture our young aspiring artists, and to perpetuate this great gathering of Jazz enthusiasts! Mahalo to all the performers and organizers of this great event! Enjoy these captured golden moments &
Don't Stop The Music!

Pictures from the event:

Local artists featured in the festival: 

Michael Paulo - saxaphone, flute.

Rene Paulo - piano, vocals.

DeShannon Higa - trumpet.

Starr Kalahiki - vocalist.

Jeremy Cheng - guitar, vocalist.

Phil Bennett & The Remnants - The Pre-Fest and Dinner Band.. Phil Bennett (drums), Todd Yukimoto (sax), Aron Nelson (guitar), Arex Ikehara (bass guitar), and Bailey Matsuda (keyboards).  

Al Waterson - The MC.

Visiting Artists from the mainland: 

Russ Freeman and The Rippingtons

Deniece Williams - vocalist.

Rick Braun - trumpet.

Brian Simpson - keyboards.

Ray Parker Jr. - guitar, vocals.

Golden Moment Videos:

Video – Phil Bennett and The Remnants

Video - Star Kalahiki

Video - DeShannon Higa and Reggie Padilla

Video - Brian Simpson

Video - Deniece Williams

Video – Rick Braun and Michael Paulo

Video - Russ Freeman and the Rippingtons

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Beat presents: “DISGUISE” 10-27-2012 at the Cest Si Bon

The location, the Cest Si Bon room at the Pagoda Hotel & Floating Restaurant. 'Cest Si Bon' - which in French means 'It's So Good!'

DISGUISE! presented by The Beat, was a night of music & dance by three unique bands, each with its own signature - 'Soulz', 'Chaos', and 'Funkshun'.

This was a night with lots of beautiful people - to include rock stars, super heros and villians, all being naughty and nice. It was also a night of surprises and danger - a Flash Mob, a Birthday celebration, and a Tsunami warning! (Thankfully we were safe and didn't have to evacuate) The night was packaged with delicious food, a costume contest, door prizes, candy, balloons, cupcakes and LED swords. This pre-Halloween dance party was indeed 'So Good!' Mahalo to Suzi Shimada, all the Bands, and all the many Hands that put this successful event together. Please enjoy these captured golden moments, and Don't Stop The Music!


Gail Higa - vocals
Brian Umamoto - bass guitar, vocals, band leader
Pat Tomishima - guitar, vocals
Art Davis- brass
Micah Sanlibio - brass
Rob Toyama - brass
John Loo - keyboards, vocals
Layne Maeoka - drums, vocals
* Rodney Kaneshiro - vocals, horns

* Guest only.

Band Contact:  https://www.facebook.com/messages/brian.umamoto

Devin Nakasone - vocals
Sharlene Aoki - vocals
Joe Perez - vocals
Brian Nakashima - guitar, vocals
Marcus Watts - drums
Dayton Arima - bass (subbing for Nate Ng)
Vernon Lau - keyboards

Band Contact:  Kristen @ (808) 383-2832 or getchaosmusic@yahoo.com

Dean Bajcar - bass guitar, vocals, band leader
Roy Yoneshiro - vocals
Chet Okayama - guitar, vocals
Dave Ogata - drums
Gerry Cabral - keys boards, vocals
Mitchell Fukumoto - key boards
Bill Popaka - saxaphone, vocals
Kennji Santiago - trombone, vocals
Jerry Gomes - trumpet, vocals
AJ Timbancaya - trumpet , vocals
Alan Nakamoto - trumpet, vocals

Band Website:  http://funkshun808.com/

A Video Montage!