Friday, May 24, 2013

Melodie Soul & Blue Light Funk Band Live at Gordon Biersch (5/11/2013)

Another starry night at Honolulu Harbor.  On this Saturday night at Gordon Biersch, we came to see for the first time, the Melodie Soul & Blue Light (formerly Blue Light Funk Band). We were immediately impressed with this band.  Very talented musicians.  Each vocalist a very strong singer that knows how to engage themselves with the audience.  We enjoyed every song from the opening of "Ain't No Body" by Chaka Khan, to the closing rendition of "I'll Take You There" by the Staples. Al Neal was very kind to visit our table during the break and share about the band.  We knew who their key board player was as we met Mofessa a year ago through Bobby Hernandez, a Jazz friend when they both played at the Smoke House Waikiki.  This guy can rip a mean solo on his keyboard. At the end of the night, we thought perhaps someone from the Heart Ball committee should check this band out.  Hint!

Please enjoy these captured Golden Moments below.


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Mahalo MELODIE SOUL & BLUE LIGHT FUNK BAND! & Don't Stop The Music!

Melodie Soul & Blue Light Funk Band:

Melodie Soul - vocals
Gyn Brown - vocals
Kyle Mc - vocals
Brotha Al - vocals
Marc Pearlman - guitar
Cecil 'Cat' Brown - bass guitar, vocals
Josh Guerra - drums
Mofessa - keys
AL Neal - congas, percussions, vocals
Juan Reys - trumpet

Check out their website at: http://www.bluelightfunk.com/

Sunday, May 12, 2013

CHaOs Live at Gordon Biersch (5-10-2013)

Sweet & sad endings on this clear starry night at Gordon Biersch, at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.  Sweet, the delicious desserts and drinks. Sweet, the great music. Sweet, the perfect weather for dancing.  Sweet, the gathering, laughter and smiles of friends.  Sweet, a birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Dayton!).  Sad, Chaos's last stage performance.  What!  After 12 years together, Devin Nakasone shared that tonight is Chaos's last performance.  Sigh!  The night was very emotional for fans, current members, and past Chaos members sitting in; sharing their love for music and each other.  Never fear, even though Chaos will be gone, we'll be seeing these band members immediately purging endeavors to new levels and elements.  If not already, as said by a duck!  Sweet! 
Please enjoy these capture golden moments.

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Mahalo CHAOS!  Best wishes always, & Don't Stop The Music!  

Chaos Band:
Vernon Lau - keyboards
Wendell Ching - drums
Dayton Arima - bass
Devin Nakasone - vocals
Joe Perez - vocals
Sharlene Aoki - vocals
Grant Moniz - guitar
Lauren Moniz - keyboard
Gun-so Kawai - bass
Nate Ng - bass