Sunday, June 29, 2014

30 Years of Rolando Sanchez Music in Hawaii Concert at the Crossroads Honolulu, Hawaii 6/29/2014

In Hawaii, ROLANDO SANCHEZ has entertained Hawaii for 30 years. He is a musician/vocalist, producer, songwriter, and owner of RSC Music Hawaii.

Here is his website:  http://www.rolandosanchez-salsahawaii.com/

Please enjoy these captured Golden Moments of Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii, and The Brown Sound Orchestra!,

Mahalo & Congratulations Rolando!  May you be blessed with many more years of making music! Until next time-  Don't Stop the Music!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Friday Paina: Lance Orillo, The Elements featuring Annamarie Love & Adney Atabay, and Pocket Live at Dot's in Wahiawa (6/27/2014)

Another hot rocking night at Dot's in Wahiawa with old and new friends. Summing it up:  A singing Fireman, 2 Wahiawa guys that grew up playing pop warner football from small kid time, former Espirit nightclub fans, horn players from the former Genesis II Band, 2 beautiful ladies rocking the 80s, and the Leileihua Alumni Tennis Team.  We even won a gift certificate for some delicious Scouffins. 

Tonight's Line Up:  The LANCE ORILLO BAND, ELEMENTS featuring Annamarie Love, Andney Atabay, and The Genesis II Horns, and POCKET. 

THE LANCE ORILLO BAND - some songs played tonight: Words To A Song, Georgy Porgy, Mind Blowing Decision, I Got Work To Do, and The Hurt. 

The ELEMENTS featuring Annamarie Love, Adney Atabay, and The Genesis II Horns - some songs played tonight:  Superstition, Standing On Shaky Ground, Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye, Sabor A Mi, and This Time It's Real. 

POCKET- some songs played tonight:  Shame, It's Gonna Take A Miracle, Sweet Thing, Good Times, and a Donna Summer Medley. 

Mahalo to all the Bands for a great night.  Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka Food & Music Festival (1-18-2014)

This blog posting took a bit longer to prepare than we anticipated.  Why you ask?  We wanted it to be special because this was the last night we would see and hear music at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka in Aiea.

We arrived extra early (4 pm) to capture as many golden moments as possible.  This would be the very last time JonT Media Hawaii would be seated at our reserved table.  Our last chance to enjoy the delicious dishes we all became accustomed to over the last 10 consecutive years.  Tonight's special buffet line - the last supper.  Thank you Wayne for the yummy desserts and the beautiful decorated cake.

The place was packed, standing room only.  Even the local TV stations were present interviewing patrons and the restaurant management.  Thank you Manager Henry (also a former Point After manager) for remembering to change all the TV channels so everyone could watch themselves on the 10 PM news.

Tonight, non-stop entertainment. Mahalo Dean for setting up the line up:  Jazz Nene and Jon Basebase, Lance Orillo, Excite, King Pins, Pocket, and H20 & friends – The final jam session.  There were several birthday celebrations in the house as well. Also donning the stage was Comedian Rodney Villanueva, who incidentally at the end of the evening lead the remaining crowd to stand up and sing 'Hawaii Aloha'.  How appropriate!  We remained until the very last song was played, on to the wee morning hours (2 am) when all the chairs would finally be placed upside down on the tables, and the stage spot lights dimmed forever.

Special Mahalo to Ron Ige and his staff for creating this magical place that family & friends gathered weekly to eat, drink, talk story, laugh, dance and sing.  Mahalo to all the musicians, bands (and even magicians) for sharing your talents and keeping us entertained every night.  We're still baffled how Santos Kidd got those playing cards to stick on the high ceiling.  Guess we'll never know now.

We are so happy and honored to have shared on RockAndJazzHawaii.com, the many fine performances at this establishment.  Ige's Restaurant is gone, but the memories will remain.  Please enjoy these captured golden moments as much as we will enjoy them through the coming years ahead.  BTW, we've been hearing talk about an Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka Reunion Dance Party. We don't know when or where, but if it does happen; you can be sure JonT Media Hawaii will be there.  Till then...See you on our next music carpet ride! Remember to Smile! and Don't Stop The Music!

PS: In case you didn't know, you can still get some of your favorite dishes at Ige's Lunchwagon and Catering.  Here is their website: http://www.igeslwcatering.com/