Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Royal Kunia Street Band Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (1-10-2014)

This posting is a little late. We had a busy calendar. But the like old adage says 'better late than never'.  Especially when it's part of the count down to the final days at Ige's Restaurant.  There was no hesitation, we just had to share this.

Here is another group of guys we like visiting with, and listening to.  The RKSB aka Royal Kunia Street Band, is a spin-off band from Greenwood.  Who is Greenwood?  Check out this interview with Robin Kimura by Roger Bong of Aloha Got Soul: http://alohagotsoul.com/2011/08/31/robin-kimura-interview-part-3/  It was great to see friends of the band sit in through out the night.  So much talent in one place.

On this night at Ige's, Aiea & Pearl City HS Alumnae was in the house. There was alot of purple attire on the  dance floor. These folks pretty much adopted this 19th Puka as their weekend hangout.  They and many other friends and guests circled the entire restaurant in a dance train.  A first and last for us to see this ever happen.  So much joy and laughter.  We're so happy to have captured these golden moments for you. Go check them out below.

Mahalo ROYAL KUNIA STREET BAND! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Robin Kimura - bass guitar, band leader
Craig Kanekoa - lead vocal, guitar, ukulele
Chet Okayama - lead vocal, lead guitar
Dwanye Higa - keyboards
Randy Hoo - saxaphone, flute, percussion
Mark Silva - trumpet
Rod Esteban - drums

*Steve Matsumoto - trumpet
*Curtis Takahama - vocals
*Garry Moore - vocals

* Guest Artist

Band Contact:   rksb@hawaii.rr.com