Saturday, August 30, 2014

Streetlight Cadence live at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu on (8-30-2014)

We've have been following this band on Facebook enjoying the many pictures of their travels on the mainland.  On this night we were fortunate to make it out to Waikiki and visit with them at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu. STREETLIGHT CADENCE is Hawaii’s own alternative folk pop band. They are inspired by bands like Mumfort & Son, and The Killers to name a few.

What a treat to watch and listen to these four talented young men that won the 2013 The Republik's Bacardi Oakheart Iron Battle of the Bands, and the 2014 Honolulu Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. This band has alot of personality and good stage presence. They also took 13th place at the 2014 Global Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands.  (Congrats Guys!)  We have never seen a band like this before, and were quickly engrossed into their tunes with everyone else in the room..  How does one sing and play the cello standing up?  How does one play the arcordian, cajon with their foot and sing at the same time?  We also enjoyed the many original songs they wrote. At the end of the evening we just had to purchase one of their CDs to add to our collection.

Please check out these captured golden moments below:

Jonathon Franklin - violin
Brian Webb - cello
Jesse Shiroma - accordion and percussion
Chaz Umamoto - guitar

Please check out their website: http://www.streetlightcadence.com/
Mahalo STREETLIGHT CADENCE! Until next time, Don’t Stop The Music!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wasabi Live at Dot's in Wahiawa (6-20-2014)

When we think of the word WASABI - we automatically think HOT!  Like the Japanese plant with thick green root that tastes like strong horseradish and is used in cooking, especially in a power or paste form as an accompaniment to raw fish or sushi.

Well this WASABI has nothing to do with food, but they surely know their music.  Maybe that's why this Group is the coined Hawaii's HOTTEST Oldies Rock Band.  We enjoy listening to them. Ballroom, Line, and Free-form dancers love the wide variety of songs they play.  We also like the way Rodney matches his shirt and shoes in head to toe green black colors.  They're a happy bunch! Sit ins tonight include Kevin Hirabara and Dennis Matsukawa.   Check out these captured Golden Moments below:

Wasabi General Manager:  Milton Kubo at Wasabi@wasabioldies.com

Website:  http://www.wasabioldies.com/

Mahalo Wasabi! Till next time---Don't Stop The Music!