Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kona Winds Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (1-5-2013)

What is Kona Winds?   We found these definitions on the web:

Kona winds occur when a low-pressure center is within 500 miles Northwest of the Islands and has an unusually low central pressure, below 1,000 millibars for the subtropics.

kona [′kō·nə] (meteorology) A stormy, rain-bringing wind from the southwest or south-southwest in Hawaii; it blows about five times a year on the southwest slopes, which are in the lee of the prevailing northeast trade winds.

Kona (leeward) winds usually occur during ho‘oilo (winter) seaon.  During this time the trade winds are not dominant, which allows the Kona winds to develop.  The Kona winds blow from the southwest direction, impacting the leeward side of the island first.  Since the winds come from the south, they are generally warmer breezes with the capacity of carrying a lot of moisture.

We found KONA WINDS on this night at Ige's in Aiea.   No rain storm or gusts inside here, but there was a lot of dancing, cocktails & music brewing.   This band used to perform at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel through the 1980s.   Val shared, 'Kona Winds is a variety band that plays everything from R & B, Old School Funk, Haw'n Contemporay, Showtunes and Classic Rock n Roll'.   If there was a draft in house it was due to the chicken skin rendition of 'Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye' by Mary Barboza.   The evening ended on a high note with a hana-hou which included the audience participation in 'Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho'.   Also spotted in the house, Bill "Elvis" Haupu Burgher of Legends in Concert Waikiki.

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.   Mahalo Kona Winds & Don't Stop The Music!


Kona Winds Band:

Val Cabral - lead vocals, band leader
Mary Barboza - lead vocals
Gerry Cabral - keyboards, vocals, music director
Bengy Dabis - lead guitar, vocals
Glenn Quiocho - bass guitar, vocals
Herman Regal - drums
* John Loo - keyboards
* Ben Juan - drums

* Guest artist

Band Contact: https://www.facebook.com/messages/val.cabral.98


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