Monday, August 19, 2013

'Winging It 3!' at Dot's in Wahiawa (5-26-2013)

We were so happy to attend and wear our duck colors to 'Winging It 3!' at Dot's in Wahiawa.  This was one of the most entertaining fundraisers we attended in 2013.  This event was hosted by Prayers On Wings, a non-profit organization founded by Devin Nakasone.  Their mission statement: "Building bridges of communication & inspiring others through crisis, one feather at a time."  How incredible is this organization?  Well so much that the Governor Neil Ambercrombie declared May 26, 2013 the official 'Prayers On Wings Inspirational Day in Hawaii'.  If you have not heard of all the incredible work this organization does, please go check out their website at: http://prayersonwings.webs.com.  You will be moved and inspired.

We were so engrossed with the music at this event that we failed to write each name down in our notebook.  (Shar, please email me)  This was a variety show in a packed house!  We simply enjoyed each and every performance!  Patrick Koh Jazz Ensemble, Jesse Valour Band, Xcite, Pineapple Squeeze, Luna, Dave & Kelsie Watanabe, H20, MOJO, Level III with the Elements, etc, etc.  Even Joy Waikaloa did a surprise dropped in after flying in from a Kauai gig.  She and Devin did a beautiful duet to 'The Closer I Get To You'.  We were awed with teen brown bag to stardom Kelsie Watanabe's rendition of 'Skyfall' and 'Empire State Of Mind'.  This is one gal to keep on your radar.  Joe and Shar took us back in time by singing songs from one of our favorite movies, 'Grease'.  Dancers rushed to the dance floor for Devin's "Mustang Sally".  There was even a Gangnam Style Dance off that got the entire house rolling in stitches.

Mahalo to the many hands (or should we say wings) that put this great event together!  Mahalo to the many musicians and singers who donated their time and talent!  You just can't beat LIVE MUSIC! Congratulations to Prayers On Wings & Happy 40th Birthday Devin!  The evening ended with many hugs and smiles.  Confirmation that great things can happen when great people come together for a common cause of 'Aloha'.

Please enjoy these captured golden moments, & most importantly....DON'T STOP THE MUSIC!
Quack! Quack!

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