Sunday, December 28, 2014

Steve Lucas & Company Live at Stage Restaurant at the Honolulu Design Center (10-9-2014)

Lights, Camera, Action! The Stage is set! That's Stage Restaurant in the beautiful Honolulu Design Center. A classy restaurant where every piece of furniture, lighting, and artwork in the room can be purchased. Tonight every one was on Stage (even the kitchen staff and diners) for this special Blues & Jazz Wine Dinner featuring a twight light performance by the STEVE LUCAS & COMPANY band, and vocalist Sandy Tsujimura.

Guests enjoyed a special 5 part dinner prepared by Executive Chef Ron de Guzam and his staff while listening to their favorite blues and jazz songs. The menu consist of: Blue lump crab cake with remoulade; Bodin Sausage Fritters served with a spicy mustard remoulade and quick pickles; paired with a D'Arenberg 'The Hermit Crab' Viognier; Fried Catfish with Kahuku corn hushpuppies, sweet pepper tarter sauce,and red bell pepper coulis; paired with Groundwork Grenache Blanc; Seafood Etoufee with mussels, manila clams, shrimp, catch of the day and creole rice; paired with a Masi Modello Rosso delle Venezie; and for dessert a Maple toasted pecan tart with bourbon whiskey ice cream spiced fosters sauce and pumpkin spice beignet.

The evening ended with a high note as Honolulu Design Center owner Tom Soresen personally thank everyone for coming, and also shared his inspiration and vision for the Honolulu Design Center; followed by other guest artists who arrived to join in with the band. The music continued until the last diner left the Stage.

Also spotted in the audience was the legendary Tom Moffatt, Karl Nishio of LS 34, and Bobby Hernandez of PJM,

Please enjoy these captured Golden Moments below:

Steve Lucas & Company:

Steve Lucas - guitar, vocals,
Eddie Ramirez - horn
Aaron Aranita - piano, sax
Omar Abing - standup bass
Tony Carlos - drums
Sandy Tsujimura - vocals

Guest artists:
Dr. Jazz - sax
Jose Bylon - vocals

Mahalo to all the musicians for an awesome night! Till next time (which we heard through the grapevine is already in the planning), Don't Stop The Music!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cellar Catz at Chuck Cellar (8-30-2014) and The Ground Floor (9-11-2014)

OMG! Someone let the Catz out of the Cellar (that's the CELLAR CATZ), and now they moved up to the Ground Floor!

Our last visit with these guys was on a Saturday night at the Chuck's Cellar in the basement of the Outrigger East Hotel (their home base venue). We enjoyed the mixed variety of songs they played there, so tonight we decided to see what they would be like outside of Waikiki. The evening started with some songs like Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u, Ferry Cross, Our Day Will Come, Route 66, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Waika, Lodi, Knock Me Off My Feet, and My Brown Eyed Girl.

As the night progressed they played some songs like Blackbird, Listen To The Music, You Got Me, Lying Eyes, Start Me Up, Play That Funky Music, Johnny Be Good, and Tequila (the band's prelude to the their favorite beverage refreshment). Their final set included songs like: Put The Load On Me, Crossroads, Mustang Sally, Brown Sugar, and Love Potion #9.

So cute that Les dedicated "She's My Little Sweet Thing' to his daughter who was also in the audience. Also spotted in the audience was the Patrick Koh Jazz Ensemble Band members who dropped by after finishing their gig at Cafe Julia. (Another venue we plan to visit soon)

Please check out these captured Golden Moments!

Chucks Cellar:

The Ground Floor:


Les Loo - Lead guitar, Piano, Bass guitar, vocals
Bert Higa - Bass guitar, Lead guitar, vocals
Harry Chang - Drums

Mahalo to all the CELLAR CATZ, for not just one, but two fun evenings!
Until next time - Don't Stop The Music!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Pat "King" Koh Trio @ Cafe Julia (12-7-2014)

A Downtown secret....Tucked away inside the YWCA on Richards Strret is the beautiful Cafe Julia. named after its Architect (Julia Morgan) who was also the 1st Woman Architect to designed a public building in 1920; Cafe Julia is the place to be for exquisite dinning and live music - JAZZ music that is!  You can dine inside the Cafe or at the adjacent courtyard under the moon and stars.  Great place to impress a date. We even saw a couple solo slow dancing in the courtyard. Be sure to save room for one of their table side desserts - totally worth the wait and so delish!
(Cafe Julia's website: http://cafejuliahawaii.com/)

On this night we visited with the  Pat "King" Koh Trio.  With the anbience of this Cafe and high ceiling room, this venue suits this Trio well.   Their soothing music resonates through out the room and courtyard, and will take you back to a simpler time as you listen to all of your favorite Jazz standards.  You will not be disappointmented!  We plan to revist soon.

The Pat King Koh Trio Band:

Pat Koh -  vocals
Ernie Morikubo -  guitar
Bob Hasset - bass

Band contact: www.facebook.com/PatKingKoh

Mahalo Pat 'King' Koh Trio, for a great night of Jazz (and dinning).
Till next time, Don't Stop The Music!

Check out these captured golden moments below!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Waikiki Niteclub Reunion Halloween Dance Party (10-31-2014)

Trick or Treat on Halloween Night at the Ala Moana Hotel Ballroom for 'THRILLER', The Waikiki Nightclub Reunion!  What an array of Halloween costumes and of course Live Music!  We saw a few tricks here tonight, but the rest of it was purely a treat!  Reminisce of the 60s, 70s & 80s Nightclub Days in Waikiki, this multi-band event kept you at the edge of your seat rocking to the beat, or dancing on the dance floor past the midnight hour.

Check out these captured Golden Moments:

Act One: GREENWOOD, celebrating the release of their first CD. Congratulations!

Act Two: LEVEL 3 with THE ELEMENTS and the GENESIS II horn section; and a special appearance by pop/jazz saxophonist MICHAEL PAULO.


Act Four: HONOLULU the Band, in their 1st reunion performance.

Congrats to Mike Nacapuy and his team on putting together another successful event.
Mahalo to all the bands for a fabulous night of music.
Until next time, Don't Stop The Music!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Star-Studded Evening of Jazz and Gospel - Hawaii State Art Museum 8/1/2014

We could not wait to return to this beautiful courtyard under the stars for more Jazz.  This year the Hawaii State Art Museum included in their program, some Gospel music and poetry reading.  We arrived early to get good seats.  Al Harrington again was the Emcee.  The entertainment line up included: Returning Jazz vocalists Ginai and Starr Kalahiki, the Chuck James Trio Band, new guests Sherry Graham and Chris Vandercook, and poetry by Kathryn Takara.

The Chuck James Trio Band played 'Take the A Train' and 'Cantaloupe Island'.  Members of the band included:  Chuck James - drums, Aaron Aranita - keyboards and saxophone, and John Kolivas - standup bass. Chris Vandercook joined them on this guitar and sang 'Feels Like Rain' and 'Shoe On The Other Foot'.

Ginai opened with a 1950s song by Horace Silva called 'Doodling'.  This was the first time we ever heard the words to one of our favorite the songs called 'A Song For My Father'

Starr opened with 'Its A New Day' in her sparkling dress, she also sang 'Star Dust' a song she learned when she was age 11.

Kathryn recited original poetry from her book 'New & Collective' call 'Your Sax' and 'Life's Not So Great', and 'Talking Hips".

Sherry a native of Mobile Alabama and a 2014 Na Hoku Hano Hano finalist sang 'All Of Me', and At Last'.  She closed the evening with everyone singing along to 'Amazing Grace'.

Also spotted in the crowd:  Media columnist John Berger, Local Artist John Nichols, Charmaine of Red Eye Connections, and avid ballroom dancers Richard and Sara.

Congratulations to Hawaii State Art Museum for another successful Jazz & Gospel festival.  Mahalo to all the entertainers and hands that put this event together.   We'll be back for the next one.  Till then --- Don't Stop The Music!

Chuck James Trio

Ginai Hill


Chris Vandercook

Starr Kalahiki

Cherry Graham


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Streetlight Cadence live at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu on (8-30-2014)

We've have been following this band on Facebook enjoying the many pictures of their travels on the mainland.  On this night we were fortunate to make it out to Waikiki and visit with them at Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu. STREETLIGHT CADENCE is Hawaii’s own alternative folk pop band. They are inspired by bands like Mumfort & Son, and The Killers to name a few.

What a treat to watch and listen to these four talented young men that won the 2013 The Republik's Bacardi Oakheart Iron Battle of the Bands, and the 2014 Honolulu Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands. This band has alot of personality and good stage presence. They also took 13th place at the 2014 Global Hard Rock Rising Battle of the Bands.  (Congrats Guys!)  We have never seen a band like this before, and were quickly engrossed into their tunes with everyone else in the room..  How does one sing and play the cello standing up?  How does one play the arcordian, cajon with their foot and sing at the same time?  We also enjoyed the many original songs they wrote. At the end of the evening we just had to purchase one of their CDs to add to our collection.

Please check out these captured golden moments below:

Jonathon Franklin - violin
Brian Webb - cello
Jesse Shiroma - accordion and percussion
Chaz Umamoto - guitar

Please check out their website: http://www.streetlightcadence.com/
Mahalo STREETLIGHT CADENCE! Until next time, Don’t Stop The Music!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wasabi Live at Dot's in Wahiawa (6-20-2014)

When we think of the word WASABI - we automatically think HOT!  Like the Japanese plant with thick green root that tastes like strong horseradish and is used in cooking, especially in a power or paste form as an accompaniment to raw fish or sushi.

Well this WASABI has nothing to do with food, but they surely know their music.  Maybe that's why this Group is the coined Hawaii's HOTTEST Oldies Rock Band.  We enjoy listening to them. Ballroom, Line, and Free-form dancers love the wide variety of songs they play.  We also like the way Rodney matches his shirt and shoes in head to toe green black colors.  They're a happy bunch! Sit ins tonight include Kevin Hirabara and Dennis Matsukawa.   Check out these captured Golden Moments below:

Wasabi General Manager:  Milton Kubo at Wasabi@wasabioldies.com

Website:  http://www.wasabioldies.com/

Mahalo Wasabi! Till next time---Don't Stop The Music!

Friday, July 11, 2014

"Blame It On The Boogie" at Dot's in Wahiawa (5/30/2014)

With the closure of Ige's Restaurant in January 2014, Dot's in Wahiawa is now the place in Central Oahu to go for live music and dancing.  The community came out to support this event in full force. The room and dance floors were packed.  I guess you can say they "Blame It On the Boogie!"  Even the Line Dancers were given their own dance floor area.  Mahalo to Mike Nacapuy (a Leileihua High School Alumni, Owner of Big Mike's Pro Sound, and The Elements Bandleader & Bass Guitar player) for organizing these last Friday of the month events.  Once again we got to see many friends and family enjoying themselves.  Even one of the band members was celebrating her birthday tonight.  

Tonight's Line Up:  THE NEW EXPERIENCE II, HONUGRUV, and LEVEL III WITH THE ELEMENTS.  Jonathan Kaina of the former SOSLV joined in with Honugruv on guitar, sax and vocals. What a treat!  

Check out these captured golden moments below:

THE NEW EXPERIENCE II - Hana hou song was "Foot Stomping Music". How appropriate!

The New Experience II General Manager:  Edwin Ramones

HONUGRUV - Grooving to "You're Never Gonna Get It".

Honugruv General Manager:  Mike Flores at honugruv@gmail.com

LEVEL III - all decked out in Black & White colors opened the set with "Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night".  Indeed a It was a Good Night!

Level III General Manager: Mike Nacapuy -808-38 6-1010.

Mahalo to all the bands for a great night of music and dancing.  Till next time---Don't Stop The Music!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

30 Years of Rolando Sanchez Music in Hawaii Concert at the Crossroads Honolulu, Hawaii 6/29/2014

In Hawaii, ROLANDO SANCHEZ has entertained Hawaii for 30 years. He is a musician/vocalist, producer, songwriter, and owner of RSC Music Hawaii.

Here is his website:  http://www.rolandosanchez-salsahawaii.com/

Please enjoy these captured Golden Moments of Rolando Sanchez & Salsa Hawaii, and The Brown Sound Orchestra!,

Mahalo & Congratulations Rolando!  May you be blessed with many more years of making music! Until next time-  Don't Stop the Music!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Friday Paina: Lance Orillo, The Elements featuring Annamarie Love & Adney Atabay, and Pocket Live at Dot's in Wahiawa (6/27/2014)

Another hot rocking night at Dot's in Wahiawa with old and new friends. Summing it up:  A singing Fireman, 2 Wahiawa guys that grew up playing pop warner football from small kid time, former Espirit nightclub fans, horn players from the former Genesis II Band, 2 beautiful ladies rocking the 80s, and the Leileihua Alumni Tennis Team.  We even won a gift certificate for some delicious Scouffins. 

Tonight's Line Up:  The LANCE ORILLO BAND, ELEMENTS featuring Annamarie Love, Andney Atabay, and The Genesis II Horns, and POCKET. 

THE LANCE ORILLO BAND - some songs played tonight: Words To A Song, Georgy Porgy, Mind Blowing Decision, I Got Work To Do, and The Hurt. 

The ELEMENTS featuring Annamarie Love, Adney Atabay, and The Genesis II Horns - some songs played tonight:  Superstition, Standing On Shaky Ground, Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye, Sabor A Mi, and This Time It's Real. 

POCKET- some songs played tonight:  Shame, It's Gonna Take A Miracle, Sweet Thing, Good Times, and a Donna Summer Medley. 

Mahalo to all the Bands for a great night.  Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka Food & Music Festival (1-18-2014)

This blog posting took a bit longer to prepare than we anticipated.  Why you ask?  We wanted it to be special because this was the last night we would see and hear music at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka in Aiea.

We arrived extra early (4 pm) to capture as many golden moments as possible.  This would be the very last time JonT Media Hawaii would be seated at our reserved table.  Our last chance to enjoy the delicious dishes we all became accustomed to over the last 10 consecutive years.  Tonight's special buffet line - the last supper.  Thank you Wayne for the yummy desserts and the beautiful decorated cake.

The place was packed, standing room only.  Even the local TV stations were present interviewing patrons and the restaurant management.  Thank you Manager Henry (also a former Point After manager) for remembering to change all the TV channels so everyone could watch themselves on the 10 PM news.

Tonight, non-stop entertainment. Mahalo Dean for setting up the line up:  Jazz Nene and Jon Basebase, Lance Orillo, Excite, King Pins, Pocket, and H20 & friends – The final jam session.  There were several birthday celebrations in the house as well. Also donning the stage was Comedian Rodney Villanueva, who incidentally at the end of the evening lead the remaining crowd to stand up and sing 'Hawaii Aloha'.  How appropriate!  We remained until the very last song was played, on to the wee morning hours (2 am) when all the chairs would finally be placed upside down on the tables, and the stage spot lights dimmed forever.

Special Mahalo to Ron Ige and his staff for creating this magical place that family & friends gathered weekly to eat, drink, talk story, laugh, dance and sing.  Mahalo to all the musicians, bands (and even magicians) for sharing your talents and keeping us entertained every night.  We're still baffled how Santos Kidd got those playing cards to stick on the high ceiling.  Guess we'll never know now.

We are so happy and honored to have shared on RockAndJazzHawaii.com, the many fine performances at this establishment.  Ige's Restaurant is gone, but the memories will remain.  Please enjoy these captured golden moments as much as we will enjoy them through the coming years ahead.  BTW, we've been hearing talk about an Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka Reunion Dance Party. We don't know when or where, but if it does happen; you can be sure JonT Media Hawaii will be there.  Till then...See you on our next music carpet ride! Remember to Smile! and Don't Stop The Music!

PS: In case you didn't know, you can still get some of your favorite dishes at Ige's Lunchwagon and Catering.  Here is their website: http://www.igeslwcatering.com/

Saturday, May 24, 2014

HONUGRUV Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka on (12-21-2013 & 1-11-2014)

HONUGRUV's 12-21-2013 performance

Check out these golden moments from 1-11-2014.

As you can see we're a wee bit behind in our postings. As the adage goes 'better late than never'.  This one had to be shared!

This posting is a double treat! Two (2) separate nights at Ige's.  HONUGRUV plays R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Contemporary music; with influences of EWF, Incognito, Alicia Keys, Chaka Kahn. Each singer is powerful and unique.  If you have not yet seen/heard this band, we highly recommend that you do.  Honugruv will get you Gruv'in in your seat and up to the dance floor in no time.  They recently sported a new horn section, making the complete package even more explosive.  We like!

Mahalo HONUGRUV! and Don't Stop The Music!

Sam Hesch - Vocals
Devonne Guzman - Vocals
Alex Song - Vocals
Querida Song - Vocals
Greg Ravelo - keyboards, Vocals
Darren Sarajina - guitar
Jared Ballesteros - drums
Mark Flores - bass, bandleader

Band Contact: Mark Flores, at honugruv@gmail.com

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Magic Mushroom Reunion Party IV at the Manoa Grand Ballroom (5/17/2014)


This was our 4th Magic Mushroom  Reunion Party at the Manoa Grand Ballroom in Moiliili.  What a night! This was a standing room only event!  Tables for this event were sold out months ahead of the event night. Mahalo again to Dennis & Joy Matsukawa and their family for organizing this event; along with celebrity MC Bart DeSilva of KKOL-FM 107.9 Radio.  It was a pleasure to see and catch up with many friends we haven't seen in awhile.  Truly a Reunion Party!

Tonight's line up:  THE NEW EXPERIENCE II, WHITE LIGHT, and AUDISSEY & FRIENDS with special guest Rob Yamamoto, formerly of Natural High; and Ron Tokunaga formerly of Greenwood. Check out these captured golden moments:

THE NEW EXPEREINCE II  - some of the songs played:  Donna Summer Medley, Stevie Wonder Medley, EWF Medley, Play That Funky Music, Standing On Shakey Ground. Everybody Wants You, and My Hawaii.

*The band members of THE NEW EXPERIENCE II: Edwin Ramones - Bandleader/Keys/Vocals; Renell Magarang-Yim- Vocals; Gary Omalza - Lead Guitar, Vocals; Rex Baccay Bass guitar/Vocals; and Ben Juan - Drums/Vocals.


WHITE LIGHT - some of the songs played:  Soul Man, Dancing Queen, Boogie Wonderland, Mony Mony, Make Me Smile, Heart of Rock and Roll, and the Electric Slide.

*The band members of WHITE LIGHT:  Joy Waikaloa - Vocals; Tommy Kamisato - Bandleader/Trumpet/Vocals; Arex Ikehara - Bass Guitar/Vocals; Don Tsuha - Trumpet/Vocals; Sherman Kang - Sax; Gerald Tomosawa - Trumpter/Drums; Layne Maeoka - Drums; Daniel Kurose - Guitar; George Mosier - Guitar; Larry Isobe - Key Boards; and Howard Nataka - Vocals.


AUDISSEY & FRIENDS - some of the songs played:  Celebration, Vehicle, Angel Baby, Long Train Running, Everybody's Everything, Mustang Sally and We're An American Band,

*The band members of AUDISSEY & FRIENDS:  Dennis Matsukawa - Bandleader/guitar/vocals; Brad Nakanishi - Keyboards/vocals, Rob Yamamoto - Vocals; Ron Tokunaga - Vocals; Lester Higa - Vocals; Dean Guzman - Vocals; Galen Onouye - Base guitar; Sterling Sakuma - Drums/congas; Ben Juan - Drums/congas; Jarry Gomes - Trumpet; Alan Nakamoto - Trumpet; Ashley Harding - Saxophone; and Isaac Nishimura - Saxophone.

Mahalo to all that made this night a great success!  See you all at MMRP # 5; which is already set for November 29th! Till then, Don't Stop The Music!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Royal Kunia Street Band Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (1-10-2014)

This posting is a little late. We had a busy calendar. But the like old adage says 'better late than never'.  Especially when it's part of the count down to the final days at Ige's Restaurant.  There was no hesitation, we just had to share this.

Here is another group of guys we like visiting with, and listening to.  The RKSB aka Royal Kunia Street Band, is a spin-off band from Greenwood.  Who is Greenwood?  Check out this interview with Robin Kimura by Roger Bong of Aloha Got Soul: http://alohagotsoul.com/2011/08/31/robin-kimura-interview-part-3/  It was great to see friends of the band sit in through out the night.  So much talent in one place.

On this night at Ige's, Aiea & Pearl City HS Alumnae was in the house. There was alot of purple attire on the  dance floor. These folks pretty much adopted this 19th Puka as their weekend hangout.  They and many other friends and guests circled the entire restaurant in a dance train.  A first and last for us to see this ever happen.  So much joy and laughter.  We're so happy to have captured these golden moments for you. Go check them out below.

Mahalo ROYAL KUNIA STREET BAND! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Robin Kimura - bass guitar, band leader
Craig Kanekoa - lead vocal, guitar, ukulele
Chet Okayama - lead vocal, lead guitar
Dwanye Higa - keyboards
Randy Hoo - saxaphone, flute, percussion
Mark Silva - trumpet
Rod Esteban - drums

*Steve Matsumoto - trumpet
*Curtis Takahama - vocals
*Garry Moore - vocals

* Guest Artist

Band Contact:   rksb@hawaii.rr.com

Friday, March 28, 2014

Woodrose and King Pins Live at Dot's in Wahiawa (3-28-2014)

Tonight we decided to venture a little closer to home with a visit to Dot's in Wahiawa. One stop, Two bands. We like that! We've seen both of these bands before so it was no surprise that we would enjoy ourselves as usual.  The line dancers were in full force for their weekly fix.  We also saw many friends & family members that we haven't seen in a while. Thanks to Harvey, some of the ladies scored some red & black beads, a KP t-shirt or a KP g-string.  lol!  Yep, it was a fun night for sure!.  

WOODROSE opened the night with a genre variety of dance/oldies/rock/contemporary; and KING PINS wrapped it up some classic Rock N Roll.  What a complete evening!  Check out these capture Golden Moments below:


WOODROSE Band Members: Leader/Drummer/vocals - Aaron Mirafuentes, Keyboard/vocals - Dave Johnstone, Bass Guitar/vocals - Zachary Kaaihue & Matthew Labajo, Lead guitar/vocals - Anthony Unciano, Vocals/Percussion - Nadine Marchan-Wheeler, Vocals/Percussion - Clarice Benauro.

The Woodrose Band has been together for over 2 decades. They have performed at various night clubs on Oahu and at private parties , weddings and banquets. For more information please contact Aaron Mirafuentes at fouras@hawaii.rr.com or 808-676-5961 or 808-927-9083.


KING PINS Band Members: Harvey Yamauchi - guitar, vocals, band leader. Randall Rosenberg - bass, vocals. Lance Tigner - guitar, vocals. Harvey Yoshioka - keyboards. Brad Choi - drums.

Contact Harvey at daddyrage@hotmail.com or 386-7243; or Randall at RandallR@hawaii.rr.com or 255-8579.

Mahalo Woodrose! Mahalo King Pins! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ward's Rafters Concert 2 at the Crossroads at Hawaiian Brians (12/28/2013)

This was our first time to Hawaiian Brians since the ownership renovated the building. The billards and arcade are now in a separate section. The main event room, The Crossroads, sports a similar dance floor like the old showroom but bigger, a bigger stage and more seating. Same great sound and lighting system! There is a smaller room which they call The Studio near the entry for small events. Both rooms offer easy ingress/egress for musicians.

Tonight's Back2Back Extravaganza event is the Ward's Rafters Concert II, a fundraiser for Jackie Ward, owner of Ward's Rafters, a private residence in Kaimuki. This event was organized by Chad Bergantz of The Ultimate Fundraiser. Quite an impressive line up of local musicians and bands, at a great price. We didn't get to see everyone as the concerts ran simultaneously in both rooms.

However, these are the bands we did get to see. We were not disappointed. In fact some of the performances kept us on the edge of seats wanting more.

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK. You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Adela Chu & Espiritu Libre -, A salsa and Brazilian jazz band; featuring flute player Saskia, singers Cheryl Bartlett and Bruce Hale, bass player Ernie Proventeur; and Chu's husband, Kim Duffett, on congas. Chu dances and plays keyboards. The group started 15 years ago as the Electric Malasadas, playing at Anna Bannana's.

Jerome James and Activ8 Electro Jazz - Jerome James, a skilled percussionist that invented Electrojazzation. Original new age and sometimes hypnotic music. They even had a free-form dancer. http://www.jeromejamesjrums.com/activ8-electro-jazz.html

The PBS Little Big Band - Big Band Music from the 40s and beyond. Swing, jazz, latin and rock. Led by trumpeteers and brothers, Phil and Bob Scellato, This popular big band has been performing around Honolulu since 2004. .

Stephen Inglis & Piranha Brothers - Stephen Inglis - folk/slack key/singer/songwriter. He is recognized as one the most diverse musical artists in Hawaii today. His composition Redwood Slack Key was featured on the Grammy nominated and Na Hoku Hanohano wining album Hawaiian Slack Key Kings V2. http://stepheninglis.com/.  The Piranha Brothers Band was formed in 1977 by Michael Piranha, Tom Piranha, Jesse Abarca and Phil Miller. http://www.reverbnation.com/piranhabrothersband. We absolutely loved their rendition of Hotel Honolulu (same melody of Hotel California).

Soul Pilot - Soul Pilot provides Soulful R & B, Funk, Blues, Rock, & Jazz. Rachel Gonzales, Vocals; Gil Farias, Bass; Peter Factora, Drums; John Lundgren, Saxophones; and Tony Trevias, Keyboards/vocals.

Taimane - A musician and songwriter. She picked up her lst ukulele at age 5, discovered by legendary Don Ho, and performed all over the world. She covers a wide range of genres - classical to classic rock to flamenco. http://www.taimane.com/main/

The Saloon Pilots- Progressive bluegrass music are Lesley Kline, fiddle & vocals; Kilin Reece, guitar & vocals; Paul Sato, Banjo & Vocals; Mark Ransom, bass & vocals, and Russ Lundgren, percussions (to include a Fedex box).

Trailer Park Romeos - Dedicated to entertaining audiences that love Chicago and Delta Blues. Playing the Blues the way Muddy, Wolf and Little Walter created it to be played are Richard Smith, Ian Chames, Sean Harrison, Corey Funai, Paul Gomes Jr., and Micheal Sommers

Best wishes to Jackie Ward and her family. Mahalo to TUF, all the musicians and bands that shared their music. Till next time....Don't Stop The Music!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Magic Mushroom Reunion Party III at the Manoa Grand Ballroom (11-29-2013)

Once is good, Two is better, Three is a charm! Dennis & Joy Matsukawa did it again! Another successful MAGIC MUSHROOM REUNION PARTY (MMRP) at the Manoa Grand Ballroom in Moiliili.  Radio celebrity host BART DESILVA of 107.9 Kool Gold kicked off evening with AUDISSEY & FRIENDS on stage first, and their UH horn section.  Also joining them were new vocalists Lester Higa and Dean Guzman.  Some of the songs that got the dancers pumped up were: One Fine Morning, Pretty Lady, Vehicle, Make Me Smile, September, Brick House, Dance To The Music, and Together.

Next on stage, POWER POINT JR.  This was their first MMRP.  The Jr. was added as only some of the original members were able to make it.  We were not disappointed.  Talented friends help complete the band and kept the dance floor busy with songs like Brick House, Skin Tight, Disco Inferno, Play That Funky Music, No Parking, The Bird, and an Earth Wind & Fire Medley.  These men were later joined by Joy Waikaloa and a couple of the band member wives (Jason & Bryan's) doing a song called 'Bad Girls' by Donna Summer.  Wait! Good Guys? Bad Girls? LOL! Obviously they were having a blast.

Closing the evening was WHITE LIGHT making their 3rd MMRP appearance.  We loved Arex's 'Love Potion Number 9' by The Clovers; and Don's 'Sweet Caroline'. by Neil Diamond.  Joy sang 'Rhythm Is Gonna Get You'' by one of Sandy's favorite female artists Gloria Estefan.  The dancers kept busy with songs like Smooth, Mony Mony, Long Train Running, and My Old School.  The last song once again was 'We Are Family'.  How fitting for this group of rockers, line dancers and baby boomers!

Dennis Matsukawa - guitar, vocals
Brad Nakanishi - keyboards, vocals
Lester Higa - vocals
Dean Guzman - vocals
Galen Onouye - bass guitar
David Yamada - drums
Isaac Nishimura - sax
Chris Otsuka - sax
Gavin Min - trumpter
Darrem Harada - trombone

* Bryan Aoyagi -guitar, vocals
* Jason Nagashima - keys, vocals
Dayton Arima - bass
Ken Field - drums
Paul Stanley - sax
Eldred Ahlo - trumpet

* Original Power Point Member

Joy Waikoloa - vocals
Tommy Kamisato - trumpet, vocals
Arex Ikehara - bass guitar, vocals
Don Tsuha - trumpet, vocals
Sherman Kang - sax
Gerald Tomosawa - trumpet, drums
Layne Maeoka - drums
Daniel Kurose - guitar
George Mosier - guitar
Larry Isobe - key boards
Howard Nataka - vocals

We're looking forward to Magic Mushroom Reunion Party IV on May 17, 2014 at the Manoa Grand Ballroom.  Call Dennis Matsukawa to get your tickets and reserve your tables early.  This is gonna be another sold out event.

Mahalo to all for a great evening down memory lane.  Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Infiniti Pacific Rim Jazz Festival at the Hawaii Convention Center (11-2-2013)

Hana Hou!  We made it to our 2nd Pacific Rim Jazz Festival.  Ran into many friends there too. So proud to see our local talent sharing the stage with some big names.  Check out these golden moments below.

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK. You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Local Talent:

The Bentos - A Neo soul jazz band that plays a mixture of classic and modern jazz, R & B, hip hop, and soul. http://the808life.com/music/the-bentos/ The Bentos: Jackson Helm - Vocals; Ethan Capone - Keyboard;; Ian O'Sullivan - Guitar; Mark Tanouye - Bass; Mark Lindberg - Drums; and Ambrose - Sax.

Rene Paulo - Known as Hawaii’s “King of the Keyboard”. A former graduate of the Julliard School of Music.  Rene is great showman and known for his unique piano playing style.  He is Michael's father - Musical talent runs in this family. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rene_Paulo

Ginai Hill - One of our favorite singers.  Ginai is both a talented singer and song writer.  She has CD releases in Japan and Hawaii, has won 3 Hawaiian Music Awards, and 2 Na Hoku Hanohano awards. She performs with Nueva Vida, Honolulu Jazz Quartet, and the Hot Club of Hulaville.  On this night she released her new EP entitled 'Conversations', and was backed up by Riya Davis of Adagio, and NJ of EightOEight. http://ginaimusic.com/artist/jazz/

Michael Paulo - The Festival Producer & Founder of the Kapolei Foundation Michael Paulo Music Scholarship.  Michael is a World renowned saxophonist.   He has played with Al Jarreau, James Inram, Rick Braun, Kenny Loggins, Patti Austin, and Herbie Hancock to name a few. http://www.michaelpaulo.net/ 

Alvin 'Pops" Okami - A former musician from the Waikiki circuit with names like Linda Green, Kui Lee, Ohta-san and the Royal Hawaiian Ban.  The Founder of KoAloha making Ukuleles, who also release his first solo cd "Uke and Me".  Pop's donated a KoAloha Ukulele that sold at the festival's live auction for $1,200.  Proceeds benefited the Kapolei Foundation Michael Paulo Music Scholarship.

International talent:

Spencer Day - A vocalist, songwriter and pianist.  This was his 1st visit to Hawaii.  He sang 'Till You Come To Me', and 'The Mystery of You', (Sandy's favs). http://spencerday.com

Keiko Matsui - Japanese smooth jazz, jazz fusion, new age keyboardist. Keiko celebrates 25 years performing in the USA. http://www.keikomatsui.com/

Gregg Karukas - New age, smooth jazz, keyboardist. Grammy award winner.  http://www.karukas.com/

Mindi Abair - A spirited blonde saxophonist that has sold over a half million records as a solo artist. Mindi was featured on American Idol in 2011 & 2012. http://www.mindiabair.com/

Brian Simpson - A keyboardist that is the music director for Dave Koz.  Brian performed with many of the top smooth jazz artists. http://www.bsimpsonmusic.com/

Bobby Caldwell - Bobby is a R&B, jazz, smooth jazz artist, songwriter.  On this night he was backed up by local vocalist Riya Davis of Adagio. http://www.bobbycaldwell.com/

Sheila E - 'Everyone knows her! "The Glamorous Life" - Another one of our favs.  Sheila is a vocalist, percussionist, songwriter, arranger, producer, and drummer.  She has played for Natalie Cole, George Duke, Gloria Estefan, Diana Ross, to name a few. http://www.sheilae.com/

Again, thank you Michael Paulo for bringing the best local and international smooth jazz talent to Hawaii!   Mahalo to all the hands, musicians and singers that put this great event together.  We'll be back for more in 2014! Till then, Don't Stop The Music!