Monday, December 23, 2013

INFLIGHT Live at Monterey Bay Canners in Aiea (10-26-2013)

We arrived at Monterey Bay Canners in Aiea, overlooking the famous Sumida Watercress Farm to see INFLIGHT. A band that we never seen before but knew of their sax player Ricky. The UofH football game was being aired so we patiently waited on the lanai to watch the final minutes of the game, and later secured a table near the bar. While waiting, we ran into musicians Dennis Apeles and Sharon Herr.

This band describes their repertoire as R&B, Light rock, Contemporary, Old school, Local music. Basiclly a little bit of everything. Some of the songs played tonight included: Maria Maria, Can't Tell You Why, Spooky, Game of Love (Michelle Branch), Footloose, Sara Smile, You Abandoned Me (Madonna), Can't Tell You Why, Wildflower, Billy Jean, Do It Again, etc. We like! Especially the songs written by a female artist and sung by a male.  Even though UofH lost the game tonight, we scored in getting to see this band perform.

Please see these captured golden moments below.
Mahalo INFLIGHT! & Don't Stop The Music!

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Donovan Egloria - guitar, vocals
Travis Pajimola - guitar, vocals
Craig Gallafent - bass guitar, vocals
Ricky Ricardo - sax

Band contact: craigallafent@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pocket Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (10-11-2013)

POCKET is a groovin' dance band based in Hawaii featuring Old School Club Hits from the 70s, 80's & 90s; Disco, Funk, and R&B.  We like the diverse music in this group! 

On this night at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka, Darla & Jules burned up the stage with HOT songs by Evelyn Champagne King, Donna Summer, Teena Marie, Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Chaka Khan, Maddona, Mary Jane Girls, Taste of Honey and more.  What a great throw back down memory lane! We need to visit them again!

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Mahalo POCKET! & Don't Stop The Music! 

Jules Kam - vocals
Darla Pestana - vocals
Kristie Ching - vocals
Dwayne Higa - keyboards
Wesley Aoki - lead guitar, vocals
Aaron Kimura - bass guitar, vocals
Wendell Ching - drums
*Ricky Ricardo - saxophone

*Guest artist

Monday, December 2, 2013

Easy Street Live at Club Mambo (10-5-2013)

We've visited with EASY STREET before.  This band plays Island Favorites from Kalapana, C&K, America, Ka'au Crater Boys, Billy Kaui, Jack Johnson, etc.  We like!  We're amazed how Myron Pang can sing lead the entire night with no strain.  However, here is an interesting story.  Tonight we headed out to the downtown restaurant to see them.  When we arrived, the place was dark and closed. Turns out the restaurant owner was traveling and inadvertently forgot they had a band gig on the calendar.  Shame, shame!  Well, there is a silver lining to this story!  This is where having good friends in the industry and access to social media saved the night.  Through social media we learned that the band called Steve Ruiz, quickly picked up their gear and headed to Club Mambo Sport Bar & Grill. Yaaay!  We made a beeline to the Chinese Cultural Plaza Center just in time for their 1st set. 

Good music, good food, good service.  The band even sang Happy (belated) Birthday to Sandy and Gardenia Aipoalani.  With Halloween around the corner,  Allen's lovely wife decorated the tables, and passed out chocolates and glowing favors to the crowd.  How fun!  We also saw Dwayne Higa, Dianne Dar, Carol Tamura & Rodney Kaneshiro there; and did some Karaoke with them after the show.  The night was a success thanks to Steve & Easy Street!

Please enjoy these captured Golden Moments.

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Myron Pang - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Allen Yamaguchi - bass guitar
Darrell Larm - lead Guitar, synth guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Tarumi - electronic and acoustic percussion, guitar, backing vocals
* Bradley Choi - drums

* Guest Artist

Band website: http://www.808easystreet.com

Mahalo EASY STREET! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

King Pins Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (9-27-2013)

It's always a pleasure to visit with the KING PINS.  What a happy bunch of guys!  Donned in their red & black bowling shirts (we really like their band logo), they know how to put on a good show and fill the dance floor with a variety of dancers.  Their music is Classic Rock---Oh yeah Baby!  After checking out their website at: http://www.kingpinshawaii.com/frames.html; we were surprised to learn about their history & activities spanning back to 2001.  Bet they have some great gig stories to share! (wink! wink!)

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.

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Mahalo KING PINS! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Harvey Yamauchi - guitar, vocals, harmonica, head pin
Bradley Choi - drums
Harvey Yoshioka - keyboards, vocals
Lance Tigner - guitar, vocals
Randall Rosenberg - bass guitar, vocals

Monday, November 18, 2013

Richard Natto & The Fugitives Live at HASR Bistro (9-7-2013)

Although we've seen individuals in this band perform before, this was our first time visiting with this particular group, RICHARD NATTO & THE FUGITIVES.  Richard a seasoned artist is a former lead member/manager of the famed Society of Seven LV.  He also is half the duo band called Toma Natto.  Check out his website and some of his original music at: http://richardnatto.com.  When we Googled the definition of Fugitive, we found that it means a person who has escaped from a place or is in hiding.  The HASR Bistro is a hidden gem in Chinatown, and the perfect place for these Fugitives to escape to and convene for some good music. The stage is set!

The stage at HASR Bistro offers fresco-style dinning in the garden courtyard which really is beautiful under a warm clear starry night.  Sitting near the stage has it's advantages.  The obvious is good access for photos and videos, but we also like to see/hear all the behind stage action that takes place. Richard talks alot to his band and audience.  Very entertaining!  Tonight's memory lane song list included old favorites like Stormy, Ventura Highway, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Ribbon In The Sky, Something, The Long & Winding Road, For I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Your Song, Daniel, Wichita Line Man, Let's Stay Together, etc.  We like! (Yes,Glenn Campbell songs!) A bit early in the season, Richard even dedicated 'Merry Christmas Darling' to HASR Bistro owner Terry Kakazu. We were so happy to capture some great Golden Moments. Please check them out.

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Mahalo for a great time guys! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Richard Natto - lead vocals, key boards, guitar
Mike Chung - guitar, vocals
Ross Murakami - drums
Dayton Arima - bass guitar
Randy Hoo - saxophone, hand percussions

Monday, November 11, 2013

Star Studded Evening of Jazz and Blues at the Hawaii State Art Museum (7-5-2013)

It's a Star Studded Evening of Jazz and Blues!  Once again Al Harrington is host to this event of Stars under the stars at the Hawaii State Art Museum patio in Downtown Honolulu, with the Chuck James Trio Band.  This years line up of Jazz & Blues singers included Ernest Golden, Shari Lynn, Starr Kalahiki, and Ginai Hill.  Wow!  What a treat to see/hear all this talent for Free!

Ernest sings blues regularly at the Crouching Lion.  How sweet that all his North Shore fans were all present in the crowd.  Perhaps we should take a music carpet ride out there one day?  Long time performer Shari now the Director of Music at La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls, can still belt out those chords.  Starr, winner of 2 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards shared her rendition of 'Moon Glow' sung in Hawaiian.  We like! Ginai, Waianae Alumni announced that her new Jazz CD will debut soon.  Can't wait to hear it!

Please check out these captured Golden Moments below.

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The Chuck James Trio*
Chuck James - drums
Aaron Aranita - keyboards and saxophone
Ernie Provencher - bass

* Special appearance by  Jerome James - hand percussions

Mahalo to all and see you next year.  Till then...Don't Stop The Music!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

LS 34 live at the 4th Annual Rock & Roll Night benefit for the Wahiawa-Waialua Rotary Club (6-29-2013)

What a great summer in Central Oahu! It's LS 34 rocking the house at Dot's in Wahiawa for it's 4th Annual Rock & Roll Night, a benefit fundraiser for the Wahiawa-Waialua Rotary Club.  Oh yeah!

This pro-bono hobby band makes a public appearance 3 to 4 times a year.  What you say?  It's a labor of love among good friends (some going back to grade school) who share the same passion to make, preserve and share with others classic rock music from the 60s and 70s.  Music by bands such as CCR, Santana, Spirit, Rare Earth, Deep Purple, Doobie, Brothers, Beatles, Elvis and more.  Ever since the late Harold Kageura (a former LS 34 guitarist) re-grouped this band in 2004, they vowed to never charge for their performances.  Their customers? Primarily non-profit organizations serving to better the community, high-school class reunions, and of course LS 34 family requests.  What's the history of this band, and how did they get their LS 34 name?  Go check out their website at LS34.blogspot.com

See LS 34 at their next Rock & Roll night at the Pomaikai'i Ballrooms on March 22, 2014; at Moms On A Mission for the Ronald McDonald House Hawaii. 

Check out these Golden Moments below.  Mahalo LS 34! & Don't Stop The Music! 

Wesley Nakashima - keyboards
Milton Matsusaki - guitar
Mike Gonsalves - bass, vocals
Karl Nishio - percussions, guitar, lead vocals
Craig Kim - lead drums
Ronald Ishikawa - lead guitar
Eugene Nakabayashi - guitar
Jensen Tamanaha - congas, vocals
Kenneth Uyeno - lead vocals
Sandy Tsujimura - lead vocals
Ronald Hanagami - lead vocals
Chad Nagui - sound & lighting

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Eight O Eight Live at Gordon Biersch (6-1-2013)

It's Friday night at Honolulu Harbor with the band that sports the Hawaii area code, EIGHT 0 EIGHT!  No directory or operator assistance here.  It's direct R&B and Soul Music to its fullest!  Oh yeah!  Lots of Chaka Khan, Bryan McKnight, Bill Withers, Eagles, etc.  We like!  NJ can surely belt those Chaka Khan songs, With Father's Day just around the corner, how sweet for Dana to dedicate a song by Charley Wilson called 'My Baby' to the late Dave Montero.  Also spotted in the audience was Michi Moore and her cameras.

Check out these captured Golden Moments below.

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Mahalo EIGHT O EIGHT! & Don't Stop The Music!

Eight O Eight Band:

NJ Chang Gottschalk - vocals
Dana Montero - vocals
Scott Schaffer - drums, music director
Robert Benson - guitar
Tony Trevias - key boards
Jansen Richards - bass guitar
Ricky Ricardo - saxophone, congas

Band contact:  Tony Trevias at (808) 220-3317.

Monday, August 19, 2013

'Winging It 3!' at Dot's in Wahiawa (5-26-2013)

We were so happy to attend and wear our duck colors to 'Winging It 3!' at Dot's in Wahiawa.  This was one of the most entertaining fundraisers we attended in 2013.  This event was hosted by Prayers On Wings, a non-profit organization founded by Devin Nakasone.  Their mission statement: "Building bridges of communication & inspiring others through crisis, one feather at a time."  How incredible is this organization?  Well so much that the Governor Neil Ambercrombie declared May 26, 2013 the official 'Prayers On Wings Inspirational Day in Hawaii'.  If you have not heard of all the incredible work this organization does, please go check out their website at: http://prayersonwings.webs.com.  You will be moved and inspired.

We were so engrossed with the music at this event that we failed to write each name down in our notebook.  (Shar, please email me)  This was a variety show in a packed house!  We simply enjoyed each and every performance!  Patrick Koh Jazz Ensemble, Jesse Valour Band, Xcite, Pineapple Squeeze, Luna, Dave & Kelsie Watanabe, H20, MOJO, Level III with the Elements, etc, etc.  Even Joy Waikaloa did a surprise dropped in after flying in from a Kauai gig.  She and Devin did a beautiful duet to 'The Closer I Get To You'.  We were awed with teen brown bag to stardom Kelsie Watanabe's rendition of 'Skyfall' and 'Empire State Of Mind'.  This is one gal to keep on your radar.  Joe and Shar took us back in time by singing songs from one of our favorite movies, 'Grease'.  Dancers rushed to the dance floor for Devin's "Mustang Sally".  There was even a Gangnam Style Dance off that got the entire house rolling in stitches.

Mahalo to the many hands (or should we say wings) that put this great event together!  Mahalo to the many musicians and singers who donated their time and talent!  You just can't beat LIVE MUSIC! Congratulations to Prayers On Wings & Happy 40th Birthday Devin!  The evening ended with many hugs and smiles.  Confirmation that great things can happen when great people come together for a common cause of 'Aloha'.

Please enjoy these captured golden moments, & most importantly....DON'T STOP THE MUSIC!
Quack! Quack!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Soul Pilot Live at Club Mambo (5-25-2013)

This was our first time to Club Mambo (the former Terry's Place) at the Chinese Cultural Plaza in Downtown Chinatown.  The hand painted ceiling tiles and window coverings at the entry are all gone, but good live music still fills this cozy place.  We like the fresh new look, pupu menu and additional seating.  Congratulations & best wishes to new owner Steve Ruiz. 

Upon arrival, we were surprised and happy to run in some old friends, Scotty & Zenaida Malaluan. Sandy and Zenaida attend high school and college together.  Sandy and Scotty used to worked at the Quality Inn Waikiki (former Napualani Hotel).  Long story short, Sandy didn't know these 2 were actively dating.  Happily, Sandy later became their wedding maid of honor.  Also spotted in the audience were drummers, Alvin Fejarang and Leo Wisniewski, and jazz guitarist Steve Lucas.

On stage, SOUL PILOT! As noted on their Facebook page "Soul Pilot features 5 of Hawaii finest veteran musicians, Soul Pilot infuses their genre with a bit of Soulful R&B, Funk, Blues, Rock and Jazz."  Vocalist Rachel Gonsalves may be a petite lady on stage but she surely can belt those cords.  We love listening to her.  Our second time seeing this band and still impressed.  Catch Soul Pilot on August 31st at 'Summer's End' with The Caliente's and White Light, at the Manoa Grand Ballroom at JCCH.  Russell Shiroma is also one of the original Caliente members. You can also catch Rachel at Duc's Bistro every Friday and Saturday night.

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.  Mahalo SOUL PILOT! & Don't Stop The Music!

The Video....

The Pictures...

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The Soul Pilot Band:

Rachel Gonsaves - vocals
Russell Shiroma - guitar, vocals, bandleader
Tony Trevias - keyboards, vocals
Peter Factora - drums
Gil Farias- bass
John Lundgren - sax

Band Contact, Russell at 804927706@facebook.com

Friday, June 7, 2013

Live Jazz: Adagio at Mezz 127 (5-11-2013 & 5-25-2013)

We decided to conveniently drop in at Mezz 127 at the Topa Towers (the former AmfacTowers) for some Jazz after our Gordon Biersch visit.  Up 2 flights of steps (for those of you that remember the former lounge called The Landing), we discovered the band called ADAGIO. 

Curious about the meaning of this word ,we goggled it. ‘Adagio' means 'at ease' in Italian, and denotes a slow pace, around and under 60 beats per minute.  It is the second slowest of the most common tempo markings, after largo. Interesting relation.

Nothing slow paced about this band. But certainly 'at ease'.  These guys are smooth.  We like!  We can groove to this music anytime of the day.  Then enter a smiling Riya doing her rendition of 'Feel Like Making Love' by Roberta Flack, followed by some hot blues number that we never heard before.  Wow!  Good band pick Dancin' Dave (http://dancindaveproductions.com)!  At the end of the night, we immediately become FB friends with Riya, and learned that she also sings on The Star of Honolulu, and for another band called Groove Evolution.  We'll have to check them out one day.  

You can catch ADAGIO at their next performance at Mezz 127 on June 8, 22 and 29 at 10:00 pm. BTW, parking at the Topa Towers is only $2.00 with validation at the Mezz. What a deal!  

Please enjoy these captured golden moments below.

Pictures from 5-11-2013....

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Pictures from 5-25-2013...

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Mahalo ADAGIO! & Don't Stop The Music!

Adagio Members:
Riya Davis - vocals
Joshua Kaye - piano
Mark Tanouye - bass
Bonny B - drums

Band contact: riya.davis@facebook.com


 Special guest Steve Lucas on guitar.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Melodie Soul & Blue Light Funk Band Live at Gordon Biersch (5/11/2013)

Another starry night at Honolulu Harbor.  On this Saturday night at Gordon Biersch, we came to see for the first time, the Melodie Soul & Blue Light (formerly Blue Light Funk Band). We were immediately impressed with this band.  Very talented musicians.  Each vocalist a very strong singer that knows how to engage themselves with the audience.  We enjoyed every song from the opening of "Ain't No Body" by Chaka Khan, to the closing rendition of "I'll Take You There" by the Staples. Al Neal was very kind to visit our table during the break and share about the band.  We knew who their key board player was as we met Mofessa a year ago through Bobby Hernandez, a Jazz friend when they both played at the Smoke House Waikiki.  This guy can rip a mean solo on his keyboard. At the end of the night, we thought perhaps someone from the Heart Ball committee should check this band out.  Hint!

Please enjoy these captured Golden Moments below.


Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.


Mahalo MELODIE SOUL & BLUE LIGHT FUNK BAND! & Don't Stop The Music!

Melodie Soul & Blue Light Funk Band:

Melodie Soul - vocals
Gyn Brown - vocals
Kyle Mc - vocals
Brotha Al - vocals
Marc Pearlman - guitar
Cecil 'Cat' Brown - bass guitar, vocals
Josh Guerra - drums
Mofessa - keys
AL Neal - congas, percussions, vocals
Juan Reys - trumpet

Check out their website at: http://www.bluelightfunk.com/

Sunday, May 12, 2013

CHaOs Live at Gordon Biersch (5-10-2013)

Sweet & sad endings on this clear starry night at Gordon Biersch, at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.  Sweet, the delicious desserts and drinks. Sweet, the great music. Sweet, the perfect weather for dancing.  Sweet, the gathering, laughter and smiles of friends.  Sweet, a birthday celebration (Happy Birthday Dayton!).  Sad, Chaos's last stage performance.  What!  After 12 years together, Devin Nakasone shared that tonight is Chaos's last performance.  Sigh!  The night was very emotional for fans, current members, and past Chaos members sitting in; sharing their love for music and each other.  Never fear, even though Chaos will be gone, we'll be seeing these band members immediately purging endeavors to new levels and elements.  If not already, as said by a duck!  Sweet! 
Please enjoy these capture golden moments.

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Mahalo CHAOS!  Best wishes always, & Don't Stop The Music!  

Chaos Band:
Vernon Lau - keyboards
Wendell Ching - drums
Dayton Arima - bass
Devin Nakasone - vocals
Joe Perez - vocals
Sharlene Aoki - vocals
Grant Moniz - guitar
Lauren Moniz - keyboard
Gun-so Kawai - bass
Nate Ng - bass

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

LIve Music at the Honolulu Night Market: MOJO, and Jerome James & Activ8 Electro Jazz (4-20-2013)

This was our 2nd visit to the monthly Honolulu Night Market on Auahi Street.  Check out their website: http://www.honolulunightmarket.com/.  

The event has grown since the first one and and we suspect it will continue to grow all in part of the Kaka'ako Redevelopment Plans by KSB.  We highly recommend everyone checking it out.  It's a safe event to bring the family to, including pets!  We even saw the famous 'Hokulani' there with Norman Dung.  Entry to the Honolulu Night Market is free and so is the parking!  We like!  Be sure to bring cash to make it easier on the food trucks and the garden bar.  And if you need coffee, there are 3 locales to get your fix.  Lots of street treats, arts & crafts, fashion, and of course music! 

On this clear starry night in Kaka'ako, we caught a sample of 2 bands.

MOJO - which stands for Music Over Judgement and Oppression, is a reggae band that combines ska, punk, rock, dub and hip hop to create a sound that can not be categorized.  Check out their website at http://www.mojoreggae.com/band_bio.  This 3 piece band puts out a lot of energy.  We sat in the front row to get a better look at the band.  After 30 minutes or so of watching their drummer, we felt like we had worked out too.  We enjoyed watching the young ladies free-style dancing on the side of the stage.  Whether their moves were choreograph or not, it excited the band and gave them more MOJO to play (no pun intended).  You can caught MOJO on May 17 at the Mai Tai Bar, and on May 25 at Hawaiian Brian's.

JEROME JAMES & ACTIV8 ELECTRO JAZZ - We had the pleasure of meeting Jerome at a Jazz gig a few years back at the former Aku Bone Lounge.  The son of a noted drummer, this guy is very innovative.  Check out Jerome's website at http://www.jeromejamesjrums.com/index.htm.  Each time we see Jerome perform, it's sometime outside of the box.  We were not surprise when we saw his group of horn players, jugglers, and minds parading down Auahi Street with Jerome in a one of it's kind portable drum set complete with sound system, wheels, and lights.  An instant crowd magnet!  It was kinda like Modern Acid Jazz.  I'm sure we'll be seeing this group invited to other street festivals. You can catch Jerome James Activ8 Electro Jazz at the Dragon Upstairs in Chinatown located
above Hank's Place every 2nd Friday night.

Pictures from the Night Market............

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Mahalo for a great night in Honolulu! & Don't Stop The Music!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

LS 34 Live for the Moms On a Mission Rock & Roll Night for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii (4-6-2013)

Okay, I have to plug one of my favorite bands, LS 34.  This band plays classic rock from the 60s and 70s.  Music that I grew up with and enjoy very much.  It's also the band that my wife Sandy sings for. Yes, I'm being partial, but they really are good.  'LS' stands for Lovin' Sounds, which is the band's original name when they played the high school and military circuit back in the late 60s.  Members graduated from high school in 1970 and went their separate ways to pursue college, careers and family.  However, in 2004 guitarist Harold Kageura got the band back together to jam for fun.  In Summer of 2004 the band (with a few new members) got invited to performed at their 1st gig - the American Heart Association Oahu Heart Walk at Kapi'olani Park.  That was 34 years from the last time they played together in High School. Hence the '34' in LS 34.  It's been 9 years now and the band (currently 11 members) still meets monthly to jam and perform at selected gigs.  Check out their website at http://ls34.blogspot.com/

On this night in Waikiki at the Hale Koa Hotel Banyan Tree Showroom, LS 34 was the featured band at the 1st Annual Moms On a Mission Rock & Roll night, a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Hawaii; hosted by Lina Girl of KCCN FM100, and a special performance by Drill Team Hawaii.  The music lineup - purely Rock & Roll! CCR, Santana, Spirit, Rare Earth, Doobie Bros, Grand Funk, etc.  The event was so successful, the band was invited back to perform next year (March 22, 2014).  Check out these captured golden moments below.

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

You can catch LS 34 at their next public gig on June 29th at Dot's  In Wahiawa, a benefit fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Wahiawa-Waialu.  Tickets on sale at Eventbrite.com.

The LS 34 Band:
Craig Kim - lead drums
Eugene Nakabayashi - guitar
Jenson Tamanaha - congas, percussions, vocals
Karl Nishio - timbales, drums, guitar, percussions, vocals
*Kenneth Uyeno - vocals
Mike Gonsalves - bass guitar, vocals
*Milton Matsusaki - lead guitar
*Ronald Ishikawa - lead guitar
Ronald Hanagami - vocals
Sandy Tsujimura - vocals
*Wesley Nakashima - keyboards
Chad Nugal - sound

* Original Lovin' Sounds

Mahalo for the great time LS 34! & Don't Stop The Music!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Dr. Jazz Quartet Live at JJ Bistro & French Pastry (3-22-2013)

There's Live JAZZ in Kaimuki?   Well it's about time! 

JJ Bistro & French Pastry now hosts live music on Friday nights from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Come early for free preferred parking at the back lot, or you'll have to hunt for street parking and might have to pay the meter.  The food is European and Lao cuisine.  Very fancy.  The prix fixe menus are a good deal.  Also owners of the adjacent Crab City restaurant, the menu will also offer a Seafood Basket filled with steamed lobster, crab, shrimp, scallops and corn on the cob.  This seemed to be a popular item with families and couples.  It was entertaining to watch people being creative and working with their shell fish.  No liquor license here, so feel free to bring in your own wine and beer. And don't forget to check out the dessert showcase and bakery counter.  So many delicious choices to pick from.  They also offer espresso and French pressed coffee.  We like!  Reservations are recommended.   This place is no secret to the community and gets busy early. 

On this night, the DR. JAZZ QUARTET.  Dr. Jazz an assuming nick name, is a real physician by professional trade.  He plays the saxophone, and will sing a special song or two to his wife in the last set.  Sharing the stage tonight with Dr. Jazz, 3 exceptional guitar players: Nando Suan, Micheal Barquez, and Dale Macahdo.  Songs are typically standards and instrumental with fun rotating solos. The first time we visited they didn't bring a microphone.  This time they did bring a microphone and invited me to the stage to join them.  The stage area is small but once you start singing everyone stops eating and watches you.  A captive responsive audience is a good thing.  Especially when they clap and hana hou you.  Think we'll visit with them again over coffee, but only after we enjoy our seafood basket and a chocolate pyramid.

Mahalo Guys! and Don't Stop The Music!

Pictures below.............

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chris Yeh Quartet Live at The Dragon Upstairs (3-8-2013)

Even the Dragon enjoys Jazz!   'The Dragon Upstairs' in Chinatown that is.  It's been awhile since we last visited this venue.  A must to see!   A mysterious arrival at the top of the stairs.  Surprise!  Muted lighting with vibrant red, black and gold tones, giant face masks, and ornate dragons and mirrors everywhere. 
We like!

On this cozy Friday night in Chinatown, the CHRIS YEH QUARTET on stage belting familiar jazz tunes.  What a treat for our pau-hana week!  We enjoyed 'Cantaloupe Island'!   You can groove with these guys every Friday night between 7 and 10 pm.  Check out the captured golden moment below.  Mahalo Guys!  and Don't Stop The Music!


Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK. You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

The Chris Yeh Quartet:
Chris Yeh - sax, band leader
Bailey Matsuda - piano
Louis Benito - bass
Chuck James - drums


Saturday, March 2, 2013

Magic Mushroom Reunion Party II at the Manoa Grand Ballroom (2/15/2013)

After the first Magic Mushroom Party in July 2012, Dennis said "this will be the first and last one." I told him, "never say never." Well, my intuitions were right. Here's the Hana Hou in February 2013 with a crowd just a big as the first one.

ED KANOI of 107.9 Kool Gold kicked off the 2nd Magic Mushroom Reunion Party with a bang! First to hit the stage in sizzling red and black colors, ELECTRIC FISH & THE TOFU FACTORY (aka King Pins) playing "Born On The Bayou". The dance floor immediately filled after the audience filled their tummies at the pupu buffet. Even the Wahiawa Wahine Line dancers had a private dance area near the stage while dancing to "Disco Inferno".

AUDISSEY & FRIENDS was next on stage sporting a new 4-piece horn section, and extraordinaire drummer Alvin Fejarang (former Kapalana).  Special guest appearances by former 'Natural High' vocalists Rob Yamamoto singing "Summer Sun", and Ken Uyeno singing "Soul Man".

WHITE LIGHT commanded the stage with all their signature songs from their days performing in Spencecliff Hawaii Restaurants. Tammie Kotani won a White Light T-shirt for being the first to name those restaurants. Dean Guzman also won a T-shirt for sharing his maki-sushi with Joy Waikoloa. The dance floor overflowed during the "Electric Slide". The evening ended with a hana hou of "We Are Family!" How fitting for this audience of baby boomers and music lovers of the 70s!

Slideshow ! ......

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It was good to see many friends and family enjoying themselves. Mahalo & Kudos to Dennis and Joy Matsukawa for putting together another successful Magic Mushroom Reunion Party.  Hey Dennis! Perhaps a #3? Special Mahalo to all the bands for bringing us back to a special moment in time! Don't Stop The Music!

Electric Fish & The Tofu Factory (aka The King Pins):

Harvey Yamauchi - lead guitar, vocals, band leader
Randal Rosenberg - bass guitar, vocals
Lance Tianer - guitar, background vocals
Harvey Yoshioka - key boards, background vocals
Brad Choi - drums

Band contact & Bio: http://www.kingpinshawaii.com/

Audissey & Friends:

Dennis Matsukawa - lead guitar, vocals, band leader
Alvin Ferjarang - drums
Brad Nakanishi - key boards, vocals
Paul Yokota - guitar, vocals
Galen Onouye - bass guitar
Isaac Nishimura - saxaphone
Chris Ostuka - saxaphone
Gen Miyashiro - trumpet
Kalyn Miyasato - trombone
Rob Yamamoto - vocals (special guest)
Ken Uyeno - vocals (special guest)

Band contact: audissey004@yahoo.com

White Light:

Joy Waikoloa - vocals
Don Tsuha - trumpet
Sherman Kang - saxaphone
Clarence Lau - trombone
Gerald Tomosawa - trumpet and drums
Layne Maeoka - drums
Arex Ikehara - bass guitar
Daniel Kurose - guitar
George Mosier - guitar
Larry Isobe - keyboards
Howard Nakata - vocals
Tommy Kamisato - trumpet

Band contact: joywaikoloa@facebook.com

Band Bio: http://www.70snightclubreunion.com/info/bios/white_light.html

Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer Live at HASR Bistro (2-1-2013)

It's SUMMER in February at HASR Bistro! No, not the season Summer, but the band SUMMER!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugThe first time I saw Summer play was in 1977 at the Aloha Stadium, for a C&K concert.   I have to re-thank my sister Sharon who bought me and my other sister Terry Ann concert tickets for our Christmas gifts.   Sharon along with her UH college friends frequent the 2nd floor establishment called "Toppe Ada Shoppe" along Kapiolani Boulevard back in the 70s.  Today Walgreens occupies this property.   Sharon would tell us about the bands that played there and the kinds of music they played.   One of their favorite bands was Summer.   Unfortunately I never got the chance to visit the Toppe Ada Shoppe, but luckily Terry Ann had purchased the Summer in Malibu album.   We quickly learned the lyrics to all their songs and the rest is history.

We were so happy to finally see Summer play having missed their last 3 reunion performances due to conflicting schedules.  This evening started with a visit by 2 dancing lions for the Chinatown New Year's celebration.   After the smell of fire crackers and noise faded, we settled into our front row seats (thanks Terry Kakazu!) and it was 1977 all over again!   It was fun to reminisce and sing along to our favorite songs again such as New Years Eve, Forrest, Fire Fly, Plenty of Reason, Kona Daze, No Place Like Home, Love Is, etc. Feeding that lion for good luck surely paid off.   Since the show started later than planned due to the street festivities, the band agreed to play an extra set.  What a treat to hear Juliet (written by Ron And Mackie), Nanakuli Blues, Lahainaluna, Lady Wants to Know, and more.  Later that night I just had to get my guitar out and strum a few more songs. Geez, those were the good old days!


Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

Summer's next reunion show will be on February 22nd at Terry's Place.

Please enjoy these captured golden moments below. Mahalo SUMMER! and Don't Stop The Music!


The Summer Band:

Ron Yuen - Guitar, vocals
Tim Hurley - Bass guitar, vocals
Peter Abiva - Guitar, vocals
Dexter Cadiente - Congas, percussions, vocals

Band contact:  ronyuen@hawaii.rr.com

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Audissey Live at Dots in Wahiawa (1-19-2013)

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug It's a jam session tonight! It's fun whenever you bring a bunch of friend musicians and singers together on stage with no rehearsal.   Anything can happen!  Lead by Dennis Matsukawa a veteran musician, AUDISSEY has been playing Classic Rock, Oldies, R&B, Disco and more since 2004.  The core band has since minimized but Dennis always has an abundance of friends willing to jump on the band wagon (no pun intended) when needed.   Jokingly, Dennis said he always wanted to own an Audi but that never happen so hence the band name.   The band has performed at various Honolulu venues such as Waikiki Yacht Club, Honolulu Yacht Club, Hawaiian Brian's, Ground Floor, Aku Bone, Ige's, Dots and more.   In addition to performing at company parties and class reunions, Audissey has also supported a variety of community events such as Ward Centers Garlic Festival, Hawaii Raceway Park Small Gun Shootout, Hawaiian Water Adventure Park Auto Race Day, and the Wahiawa-Wailua Rotary Club Wine-tasting fundraiser. 


Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK.  You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

On this cool night in Wahiawa, 12 year old Sterling Sakuma on drums, and his mom Sheryl on bass guitar (It's a family affair!).   Also in the dance floor were the Aiea Ballroom Dancers and the Wahiawa Wahine Line Dancers.

Check out Audissey at the Magic Mushroom Reunion Party (an event orchestrated by Dennis himself) on February 15th at the Manoa Grand Ballroom.  Also on stage will be the Electric Fish & The Tofu Factory (aka King Pins), and White Light.

Mahalo AUDISSEY! and Don't Stop The Music!

Audissey & Friends:

Dennis Matsukawa - lead guitar, vocals, band leader
Brad Nakanishi - key boards, vocals
*Sheryl Sakuma - bass guitar
*Sterling Sakuma - drums
*Patrick - bass guitar and drums
*Jr.Natavidad - guitar
*Lester Higa - vocals
*Dean Guzman - vocals
*Walter Damas - vocals, guitar
*Sandy Tsujimura - vocals

*Guest artist.(friend)

Band Contact: audissey004@yahoo.com

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Elements Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (1-18-2013)

This band is purely high energy & entertaining!   We especially loved their Michael Jackson medley, and watching the singers do their choreographed dancing.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugShar Aoki shares "The Elements bring fun, excitement, and pure entertainment to the stage with their unique mix of music which can only be described as 1/2 show and 1/2 dance party.  Led by Mike Nacapuy, and featuring the incredibly talented and beautiful Annamarie Love, the raw energy and magnetism of Devin Nakasone and the sparkly yet edgy Sharlene Aoki (wink! wink!); The Elements take you on a musical journey from the Oldies, through the 80's, up to today's hottest dance tunes. No two shows are exactly the  same!" The Elements play parties, conventions, and at selected venues around town.  You can catch The Elements next performance on February 15th at Gordon Biersch.

The show ended with the Oppan Gangam-style dance off contest.   Needless to say, it brought the house down with tears of laughter.   What a great way to end the evening.   Please enjoy these captured golden moments.  Mahalo to The Elements, & Don't Stop The Music!


The Elements Band:

Annamarie Love - lead vocals
Devin Nakasone - lead vocals
Sharlene Aoki - lead vocals
Michael Nacapuy - bass guitar, vocals, band leader
John Loo - keyboards
Ben Juan - drums

Band Contact: Mike Nacapuy @ 386-1010.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kona Winds Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (1-5-2013)

What is Kona Winds?   We found these definitions on the web:

Kona winds occur when a low-pressure center is within 500 miles Northwest of the Islands and has an unusually low central pressure, below 1,000 millibars for the subtropics.

kona [′kō·nə] (meteorology) A stormy, rain-bringing wind from the southwest or south-southwest in Hawaii; it blows about five times a year on the southwest slopes, which are in the lee of the prevailing northeast trade winds.

Kona (leeward) winds usually occur during ho‘oilo (winter) seaon.  During this time the trade winds are not dominant, which allows the Kona winds to develop.  The Kona winds blow from the southwest direction, impacting the leeward side of the island first.  Since the winds come from the south, they are generally warmer breezes with the capacity of carrying a lot of moisture.

We found KONA WINDS on this night at Ige's in Aiea.   No rain storm or gusts inside here, but there was a lot of dancing, cocktails & music brewing.   This band used to perform at the Sheraton Princess Kaiulani Hotel through the 1980s.   Val shared, 'Kona Winds is a variety band that plays everything from R & B, Old School Funk, Haw'n Contemporay, Showtunes and Classic Rock n Roll'.   If there was a draft in house it was due to the chicken skin rendition of 'Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye' by Mary Barboza.   The evening ended on a high note with a hana-hou which included the audience participation in 'Heidi Heidi Heidi Ho'.   Also spotted in the house, Bill "Elvis" Haupu Burgher of Legends in Concert Waikiki.

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.   Mahalo Kona Winds & Don't Stop The Music!


Kona Winds Band:

Val Cabral - lead vocals, band leader
Mary Barboza - lead vocals
Gerry Cabral - keyboards, vocals, music director
Bengy Dabis - lead guitar, vocals
Glenn Quiocho - bass guitar, vocals
Herman Regal - drums
* John Loo - keyboards
* Ben Juan - drums

* Guest artist

Band Contact: https://www.facebook.com/messages/val.cabral.98


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bop Tribal Live @ Gordon Biersch (1-2-2013)

Our first Jazz show for 2013! Despite the rain, wind and cool weather, this group of young talented musicians delivered; and you could tell they were having fun at it.

From the Bop Tribal website:   BOP TRIBAL is an award winning quintet jazz group that initially started at The Dragon Upstairs in Downtown Honolulu Chinatown. B.T.'s home base music is in the 50's hard bop, but it adeptly weaves its way through modal jazz, bebop, post bop, and even hip hop. This quintessential New York jazz, transported to the Honolulu stage in 2008.  Their debut album "Bop Tribal" received the best album award at the Hawaii Music Awards in 2009.   They also received a 4-star review in the Downbeat magazine (June 2009), and was a preliminary ballot for a Grammy in 2008.

Check out the video!

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.  Mahalo for jump-starting our New Year, & Don't Stop The Music!

Bop Tribal:
DeShannon Higa - trumpet, flugel horn
Reggie Padilla - tenor sax
Satomi Yarimizo - piano
Jon Hawes - bass (sitting in for Shawn Conley)
Shinya Yarimizo - drums (sitting in for Abe Lagrimas Jr.)

Check out their website at: www.boptribal.com

Guests Artist:
Al - trumpet
Bart W. Howk - trumpet

Check out the pictures!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Island Storm Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (12-22-2012)

We encountered an Island Storm on this night even though the weatherman said it would be a cool and clear winter night.

A few years back, we had the pleasure of meeting Wayne at the Kapi'olani Bandstand during an LS 34 gig which he assisted with sound.  We learned that Wayne played guitar for Island Storm, but we never had the opportunity to see them live until now.   What a treat watching & listening to these guys!   It's not every day you see a musician flipping his axe over his head and behind his back on stage.   Sandy also got to meet an old classmate that she had not seen since King Intermediate school (1975).  

Island Storm first started playing together as members of the Pipeline Band in 2003.   After recording a CD, "Shadow Reef", and a video for the single "Ready To Rock" which appeared on Overdrive Live Volume 2, they had the opportunity to play at a few concerts at the Waikiki Shell at Kapi'olani Park; along with some radio, television and newspaper exposure.   In 2004, they formed a cover band, Sidekick, which then morphed into the present day version of Island Storm.   Their music is best described as Island Style party music.   This upbeat style includes Rock, Reggae, Country, Pop, Oldies and Dance.  In additional to traditional and fundraiser gigs, Island Storm also perform at various Oahu Military bases and often at welcome home concerts for our returning USA troops and their families. How rewarding!

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.   Mahalo ISLAND STORM! and Don't Stop The Music! 


Island Storm Band:

Val Vasquez - Guitar/Vocals
Wayne Mezurashi - Guitar/Vocals
Darren Kaneko - Keyboards/Ukulele/Vocals
Paul Nishimoto - Drums/Vocals
Norbert Enos - Bass/Vocals.

Contact them on their website at: http://www.islandstorm808.com/about_us.html