Tuesday, November 26, 2013

King Pins Live at Ige's Restaurant & 19th Puka (9-27-2013)

It's always a pleasure to visit with the KING PINS.  What a happy bunch of guys!  Donned in their red & black bowling shirts (we really like their band logo), they know how to put on a good show and fill the dance floor with a variety of dancers.  Their music is Classic Rock---Oh yeah Baby!  After checking out their website at: http://www.kingpinshawaii.com/frames.html; we were surprised to learn about their history & activities spanning back to 2001.  Bet they have some great gig stories to share! (wink! wink!)

Please enjoy these captured golden moments.

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Mahalo KING PINS! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Harvey Yamauchi - guitar, vocals, harmonica, head pin
Bradley Choi - drums
Harvey Yoshioka - keyboards, vocals
Lance Tigner - guitar, vocals
Randall Rosenberg - bass guitar, vocals

Monday, November 18, 2013

Richard Natto & The Fugitives Live at HASR Bistro (9-7-2013)

Although we've seen individuals in this band perform before, this was our first time visiting with this particular group, RICHARD NATTO & THE FUGITIVES.  Richard a seasoned artist is a former lead member/manager of the famed Society of Seven LV.  He also is half the duo band called Toma Natto.  Check out his website and some of his original music at: http://richardnatto.com.  When we Googled the definition of Fugitive, we found that it means a person who has escaped from a place or is in hiding.  The HASR Bistro is a hidden gem in Chinatown, and the perfect place for these Fugitives to escape to and convene for some good music. The stage is set!

The stage at HASR Bistro offers fresco-style dinning in the garden courtyard which really is beautiful under a warm clear starry night.  Sitting near the stage has it's advantages.  The obvious is good access for photos and videos, but we also like to see/hear all the behind stage action that takes place. Richard talks alot to his band and audience.  Very entertaining!  Tonight's memory lane song list included old favorites like Stormy, Ventura Highway, You Are The Sunshine Of My Life, Ribbon In The Sky, Something, The Long & Winding Road, For I Can't Help Falling In Love With You, Your Song, Daniel, Wichita Line Man, Let's Stay Together, etc.  We like! (Yes,Glenn Campbell songs!) A bit early in the season, Richard even dedicated 'Merry Christmas Darling' to HASR Bistro owner Terry Kakazu. We were so happy to capture some great Golden Moments. Please check them out.

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Mahalo for a great time guys! Till next time...Don't Stop The Music!

Richard Natto - lead vocals, key boards, guitar
Mike Chung - guitar, vocals
Ross Murakami - drums
Dayton Arima - bass guitar
Randy Hoo - saxophone, hand percussions

Monday, November 11, 2013

Star Studded Evening of Jazz and Blues at the Hawaii State Art Museum (7-5-2013)

It's a Star Studded Evening of Jazz and Blues!  Once again Al Harrington is host to this event of Stars under the stars at the Hawaii State Art Museum patio in Downtown Honolulu, with the Chuck James Trio Band.  This years line up of Jazz & Blues singers included Ernest Golden, Shari Lynn, Starr Kalahiki, and Ginai Hill.  Wow!  What a treat to see/hear all this talent for Free!

Ernest sings blues regularly at the Crouching Lion.  How sweet that all his North Shore fans were all present in the crowd.  Perhaps we should take a music carpet ride out there one day?  Long time performer Shari now the Director of Music at La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls, can still belt out those chords.  Starr, winner of 2 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards shared her rendition of 'Moon Glow' sung in Hawaiian.  We like! Ginai, Waianae Alumni announced that her new Jazz CD will debut soon.  Can't wait to hear it!

Please check out these captured Golden Moments below.

Unable to view the slide show....click on this LINK. You will also be able to "Like" or "Share" your favorite pictures to Facebook.

The Chuck James Trio*
Chuck James - drums
Aaron Aranita - keyboards and saxophone
Ernie Provencher - bass

* Special appearance by  Jerome James - hand percussions

Mahalo to all and see you next year.  Till then...Don't Stop The Music!