Saturday, October 5, 2013

LS 34 live at the 4th Annual Rock & Roll Night benefit for the Wahiawa-Waialua Rotary Club (6-29-2013)

What a great summer in Central Oahu! It's LS 34 rocking the house at Dot's in Wahiawa for it's 4th Annual Rock & Roll Night, a benefit fundraiser for the Wahiawa-Waialua Rotary Club.  Oh yeah!

This pro-bono hobby band makes a public appearance 3 to 4 times a year.  What you say?  It's a labor of love among good friends (some going back to grade school) who share the same passion to make, preserve and share with others classic rock music from the 60s and 70s.  Music by bands such as CCR, Santana, Spirit, Rare Earth, Deep Purple, Doobie, Brothers, Beatles, Elvis and more.  Ever since the late Harold Kageura (a former LS 34 guitarist) re-grouped this band in 2004, they vowed to never charge for their performances.  Their customers? Primarily non-profit organizations serving to better the community, high-school class reunions, and of course LS 34 family requests.  What's the history of this band, and how did they get their LS 34 name?  Go check out their website at LS34.blogspot.com

See LS 34 at their next Rock & Roll night at the Pomaikai'i Ballrooms on March 22, 2014; at Moms On A Mission for the Ronald McDonald House Hawaii. 

Check out these Golden Moments below.  Mahalo LS 34! & Don't Stop The Music! 

Wesley Nakashima - keyboards
Milton Matsusaki - guitar
Mike Gonsalves - bass, vocals
Karl Nishio - percussions, guitar, lead vocals
Craig Kim - lead drums
Ronald Ishikawa - lead guitar
Eugene Nakabayashi - guitar
Jensen Tamanaha - congas, vocals
Kenneth Uyeno - lead vocals
Sandy Tsujimura - lead vocals
Ronald Hanagami - lead vocals
Chad Nagui - sound & lighting

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